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Wasp Removal

What’s Up with Wasps?
There are two main categories of wasp: social and solitary, with many different species within these two groups. Most of the wasps flying around your house, or place of business, are either Mud Daubers or Umbrella Wasps. Mud Daubers tend to be black with lighter markings and have a distinctively thin waist that connects their abdomen and thorax. Umbrella wasps, or paper wasps, look more like yellow jackets except they have much longer bodies.

Wasps are fairly docile and will not sting unless they are aggressively handled. They are not pollinators and are usually out hunting spiders, small insects, sugars from soda or plants and gathering materials to build their nests.

Wasp Nest Removalwasp nest
Wasp nests can be found in a variety of places both above and underground depending on the type of wasp. Wasp nests above ground can usually be identified by their grey color and swirl-like appearance. The opening of their underground nests usually has a cone-shaped pile of dirt with a large opening where the wasps enter.

Regardless of the type of nest, Mosquito Joe of Northwest Florida has a safe solution to rid your yard of wasps. Our trained technicians will inspect your property and then utilize the needed tools and products to eradicate each nesting population around your home or place of business.

Yellow Jacket Elimination

Learn More about Yellow Jackets
Yellow jackets are found worldwide, and there are about 16 species that reside in the U.S. They can typically be identified by the yellow and black pattern around their abdomens, although some may show white and black colors and have a thin waist. They are social insects that have annual colonies, however, only the queen lives through winter to start a new colony in the spring.

Where Are Yellow Jacket Nests Found?yellow jacket on a plant
Yellow jackets typically build their nest in the ground near roots or where the dirt is soft. They are very territorial, so if there are strong vibrations near the nest or if the nest is accidentally stepped on, they will attack. The yellow jacket sting is known to be painful, and some may have can have an allergic reaction to the sting.

Yellow Jacket Control for Your Yard
Mosquito Joe has a safe solution to rid your yard of these stinging insects. Our trained service professionals will inspect your property and use the necessary steps and repellents to rid your yard of each yellow jacket nesting population.

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